Welcome to digital media creation! This class guides you through the modern digital filmmaking/photography workflow from initial concept to finished project and shows you all the tools that will make the process run smoothly and easily. 

This class will center around four parts: pre-production, production, post-production and syndication/distribution. 

  • Preproduction: writing, technology basics, planning, scheduling, storyboarding, set design, and choosing a camera. 
  • Production: lighting, using the camera, shooting, and recording production sound. 
  • Post-production: workstations and equipment, organizing and media management, editing, sound design, color correction, titles, special effects, and delivery of the finished product. 
  • Syndication/distribution: Internet video and photography sites, portfolio sites, ads, YouTube/Vimeo, Livestreaming, and all other channels and tools available to today's photographers and cinematographers.