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Moodle Site News (Updated 6/17/2015)

Our Moodle environment has been upgraded from Moodle 2.6 to 2.9. The upgrade to Moodle 2.9 includes more responsive web design features. The website will respond to user behavior and environment based on the screen size, orientation and operating system of the device used to access Moodle.

We are happy to announce added benefits from the recent upgrade. Here is a list of the changes to our site:

Moodle 2.6 > Moodle 2.7

  • Improved Responsive Theme based off of Bootstrap 3 for better mobile and tablet viewing
  • Improved Assignment Features
  • Question Bank Backup and Restore Options
  • Atto– A new HTML text editor with improved mobile tablet use options

 Moodle 2.7 > Moodle 2.8

  • New Grader report (The main interface showing all grades)
  • Uses the whole window
  • Smooth, stable scrolling in all directions    
  • Works on all platforms, including phones and tablets
  • Contains a new  “singe view” mode that allows editing of any row or column on its own
  • Improved easy-to-find site Navigation
  • Forum Reply by Email option
  • Rewritten Edit Quiz Page for Improved usability

 Moodle 2.8 > 2.9

  • My home has been renamed to “Dashboard” while retaining full functionality
  • New “Grades” page displays grades from all courses users are enrolled in
  • Enhanced user profile page
  • New “preferences” page—allows user preferences to be easily reviewed and altered from one page
  • Improved messaging-compose within a popup
  • Drag and drop images into Atto text editor
  • Lesson activity enhancements
  • Improved Quiz settings (add section headings, shuffle options, conditional questions)
  • Added Forum feature allows posts to all groups at once
  • Grade to pass setting added within activities (previously only accessible through Grade Item Settings)
  • New “Delete section” feature for removing entire weeks/topics

For assistance with Moodle, please contact the Help Desk at 260.665.4275 or help@trine.edu.