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Moodle Site News (Updated 01/23/14) :

STUDENTS - Your Spring courses will not show up in your course listing until your instructor has made them visible to students.

  • Please contact your instructor if you are not able to see your courses.This will most likely not happen until the day Spring Semester starts. If at that time you still cannot see your Moodle courses, please contact the Help Desk at 260.665.4275 or help@trine.edu. You will see the courses that you are signed up for in myPortal


  • Our hosting company has made modifications that allow manual grade items to be imported from other course. Best practice recommendations to ensure a successful import: 
    1. Making sure nothing has been set up in the gradebook of the destination course.
    2. Importing everything from the course of origin. If an instructor wants to omit any activities, they should delete them after importing to the new course.
    For assistance with imports, please contact the Help Desk at 260.665.4275 or help@trine.edu.
  • 2014-SP and 2014-BS courses are now available in Moodle. In the announcement there is a direct link to the Fundamental Moodle course to assist in importing and creating course content. We are going to be performing weekly imports from the Portal to Moodle on Fridays. If your courses are not showing yet, they will after the import. Please let the Help Desk know if you need courses combined or lab courses imported since labs are only imported on request.